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Show News


 This page contains some of our show successes, the most recent are at the top.

 Many thanks to all the judges who give up their valuable time to judge our cats - win or lose its always a good day out (although some days the smiles are broader than others LOL!)


Purindoors AutumnMist is made up to Champion at 13 months old in 3 consecutive shows. Congratualtions to Emma O'Brien and the rest of the tribe at Stormborn Birmans.

2012 News

Purindoors Juicy Lucy gained 2 CC's and is made up to champion, she also gained a 1st in a class of 10 in a side class.

Purindoors ReddyforCin gained Regional Winner status as a HHPK for 2011-2012 with TICA

Purindoors PowderPuff gains Reginal Winner and the title of Supreme Grand Master with TICA and GCCF Master Cat under her pet name of Pufferty. Thanks so much to Marcia Owens at Goldlay Cats.

2011 News

Maidstone and Medway show December 2011. Aylpurrtona Wizadora did very well gaining a first open at her ist show and was placed in her side classes.

 TICA Show 29//11 Our outcross boy 'Wotsit' did very well at his first show as a HHPK ( Household pet kitten) where judging is on grooming, temerpament and personality. In competition with 6 other kittens  he got  1X1st, 1X2nd, 2X3rd and 2X4th.

Kentish Cat Society 15/10/11 Back to showing after our summer break and what a day!Many, many congratulations to the O'Brien family on Bessie ( one of our outcross kittens) at the first show for both her and her owners, being awarded ist in her Colour Class, Best of Breed, 2 misc firsts and to top it all Best In Show HHP kitten - way to go Bessie!!!!!!   Ch Adecilo Purindoors Playboy ( Stig) awarded his 2nd Grand certificate. Purindoors Juicy Lucy awrded her first CC ( Thanks to their judge Mrs Denny).  

Wiltshire show 02/07/11 Purindoors TimewillTell was awarded her second Challenge Certificate and BOB and was placed in all her large side classes.

London cat club 11th June. Stig was award best of breed choc/lilac adult, but missed out on a Grand certificate.

Suffolk and Norfolk show 21/05/11 Stig is awarded his first Grand Certificate, thankyou to his judge Mrs Martin.

 Bedford Cat club 23/04/11 Stig got his 3rd CC with best of breed making him a Champion, thanks to his judge Jean Clare. Purindoors Timewilltell ( Tilly) came 2nd in a class of 4.

Cambridge Cat Club 23/04/11 Stig got his 2nd CC, thanks to his judge Carole Pike. Purindoors Timewilltell (Tilly) came 2nd (again!) in a class of 4, always the bridesmaid it seems but I'm sure her time will come!

East SussexShow 9/04/11 Stig is now an adult and won his first CC (and BOB), thanks to his judge Grace Denny.

Supreme Cat Show, November 2010. Sunny gains her 4th Grand certificate, beating some wonderful cats. Tilly came second in her class, and Juicy also came second in what was her last kitten class. A very busy day but great fun.

Kentish Cat club 16/10/10 Sunny gains her 3rd GCC ( making her up to Grand Champion) her 7th CC and Best of Breed. Adecilo Purindoors Playboy maintians his record of being unbeaten in kitten open classes, gaining his 3rd consecutive 1st and Best of Breed.

Longhair and semi-longhair show 2/10/10 Purindoors Juicy Lucy 1st open and Best of Breed.

 BOB cat show 18/09/10 Purindoors Juicy Lucy and Adecilo Purindoors Playboy both 1st open and Best of Breed.

Herts GCCF show 4/09/10 Purindoors Juicy Lucy 2nd Open. Adecilo Purindoors Playboy Ist Open + Best of Breed.

 Purindoors Juicy Lucy finaled 7 times in her first TICA show (14th/15th August), well done Juicy!

Peek-a-boo wowed the judges at both her TICA shows (19th/20th june, 14th/15th August), being chosen as Best Household Pet Kitten in every ring. She uses her cuteness as a deadly weapon and she has impeccable aim!

Asalot Fantasia became a Champion at her first adult show with TICA ( Jan 2010), thanks to Sally Crane for letting her take over the Purindoors household.


Below are some comments on our cats from GCCF shows alternatively just 'google' their names and links to their various write-ups will appear.


  Purindoors Juicy Lucy

Mrs Martin, herts show.2nd YEOMANS’ PURINDOORS JUICY LUCY. Very lovely Red girl of just over five months with an impressive size of well developed body already. Her coat is fabulous, so soft, so pale and in immaculate condition. She has a very outgoing showy personality which should do her well in the future. She needs to grow into her ears which I’m sure will happen as she matures and develop a tad more chin to balance her strong features. Very in proportion tail held up with pride. Fabulous girl to handle.

 On the same day Mrs Pike commented 1. Yeoman PURINDOORS JUICY LUCY  red  female birman

A nice shaped body of good weight with medium length bushy tail.  Nice type with broad head and good width between medium sized ears.  Slight dip to profile on medium length nose.  Full round cheeks and good chin.  Almost round blue eyes.  Markings difficult to access due to the lighting in the hall but they all appeared to look very good.  Delightful to handle.

Mrs Gainsbury also gave juicy a first in a side class.AV DEUTANTE KITTEN

1st MRS E YEOMAN, PURINDOORS JUICY LUCY, (13c5)  Red pointed Birman female kitten, born, 23.03.2010. Strong broad and rounded skull, medium sized ears that are set well apart and nicely furnished, good shaped eyes of a good blue, with full cheeks, level bite and a full chin.  She has a good size body with sturdy legs and rounded paws with matching white socks and gauntlets, covered by a silken in texture well prepared coat with good red points colour to mask, legs and tail.


 Purindoors Adecilo playboy (Stiggy)

Mrs Martin Herts show. 1 BOB YEOMAN’S ADECILO PURINDOORS PLAYBOY. Darling well developed Lilac lad of five months and is already showing what a big boy he will become. Superb strong bone with very thick legs and massive paddling paws and a fabulous show temperament. Handsome face with dreamy blue eyes, just needs to develop a little more strength to his chin to balance his strong features. Lovely soft pale coat with subtle points developing. Feet quite well matched. In proportion tail.

Esaya Purfik Purindoors (Sunny) 








 Kentish cat society Mrs ShingletonBOB. 13c5. YEOMAN'S CH ESAYA PURFIK PURINDOORS. 010406.
Scull strong broad and rounded, nose medium in length with a slight dip in profile, cheeks full and round, slightly tapering chin. Ears medium in size and spaced well apart, eyes very good shape and expression showing good colour. Overall very good body shape and condition, long body, medium length legs thick-set, paws short & strong, tail rather short. Silky coat texture very well presented, even points colour. Good gloves, gauntlets slightly untidy.


Purindoors TimewillTell (Tilly)


A very pretty young girl, still needing time to fully develop. Nicely balanced head, scull quite broad and rounded, nose medium in length with slight dip in profile, cheeks yet to fully develop, tapering chin. Medium sized ears, eyes very good shape and colour. Body good shape, still needing to fully develop and muscle up, fairly strong bone, tail short. Coat texture very good and well presented, points seal intermingled with shades of red. Good gloves and gauntlets.








  Mrs A Saye AC adult birman cat club show november 2009AC ADULT FEMALE

1st YEOMAN’S PURINDOORS TIMEWILL TELL (13C6) F  Lovely girl, a typical naughty tortie, all of a wriggle!
Strong,broad,rounded skull, with medium ears set well apart. The ears were predominantly reds in the background with seal flecks well intermingled making a well balanced colour spectrum
Almost round eyes of deep blue. Medium length nose, with a nose leather split seal to the top and pink to the bottom!. Good distribution of reds and seal to mask.Strong chin, level bite. Full cheeks.Well grown body, with medium limbs, all in proportion. Medium length tail, bushy and showing a wonderful variety of reds and seal.
Long,silken coat of pale fawn, full ruff, a slight overall halo over the top of her body.
Her left foreleg is predominantly red with seal flecks, the right foreleg is more seal with red flecks intermingled.Gloves, right slightly lower and more scalloped than the left. The socks are slightly longer on the left. Gauntlets match, and taper to a point 2/3 towards to point of hock.


A wonderful girl with exquisite birman expression and absolutely dripping in coat, that has been beautifully prepared. A really well balanced cat.
Strong,broad,rounded skull, with medium ears set well apart. Almost round eyes of medium blue, slightly paler on the rim. Full cheeks. Medium length nose. Strong chin and level bite. Really well grown body, with medium length, thick set legs. Short strong paws. Medium length bushy tail.
The points colour on the legs is slightly lighter than the mask,tail and ears.
Long,silken coat of pale cream with a golden halo. Full ruff. Full white gloves. Socks, left slightly shorter, but even. The gauntlets are long and full, the left curves to a slight hook to the inner side of the leg, the right tapers to a point towards the inner side of the leg.
Gorgeous nature, a joy to handle.

Mrs Ivinson birman cat club show AC breeders adult ( Tilly was the only non-champion in the class and again the youngest by a year)

3.  YEOMAN’S PURINDOORS TIMEWILL TELL. 13c6. F. 7.5.08.  A medium size maturing Seal Tortie Point lady of one a half years, showing good Birman type.  Good boning to  head with round head top; medium size ears well furnished, and spaced well apart; rounded cheeks tapering to strong muzzle line; firm chin, level bite, medium size nose with slight dip in profile; almost round eyes of a good shade of blue.    Medium size long body; legs of medium length and thickset, with short strong paws; bushy tail. 
Coat long and silky, of a fawn shade, with some shading of warm brown; full ruff and curls on abdomen; her seal tortie points well mingled with seal and light and dark red; mottled ears; mask developing well; all colours visible and spreading across her cheeks; a small cream area visible on the right side of her nose; colour well mingled on legs and all colours visible on bushy tail; white even gloves; no white beyond stopper pads; socks white and even; gauntlets rounded to below hock.  She was well presented and shown in good condition.









 Mrs Culf ( southern counties show January 2010 - Tilly was the youngest exhibit out of 3 present) 2ND, YEOMAN’S PURRINDOORS TIMEWILLTELL, 13c6, SEAL TORTIE POINT FEMALE, 07.05.08
Another very pretty young lady, with such a sweet expression.  Very good Birman type, her skull is broad, cheeks are full and rounded, chin is slightly tapered.  Medium sized ears spaced well apart, medium length nose with slight dip to the profile, rich red central blaze down her nose.  Almost round deep blue eyes are expressive, such a demure look.  Fairly well grown, her body is a good weight, body is more compact than the winner, but limbs and bushy tail in proportion.  Well presented palest fawn coat contrasts well with her seal tortie points, whilst her gloves and gauntlets are sparkling white, the gloves are even, gauntlets are both very long, but matching.  Relaxed girl, with a good showbench temperament. 


Congratulations to Tracy of Tamorola birmans on making her boy Purindoors Watchthispace up to TICA Champion in November 2009. Quatty you are a star!!

Congratulations to April of PicturePurfect Birmans on making her boy Purindoors Pictureperfect up to GCCF champion at the Eastern counties show 2009 (4th adult show) Ramsey looked very handsome and happy, thanks for all your hard work!


Our first full year of showing with TICA (2009) has proved rather successful!

Puff is a 'regional winner' 4th best HHP kitten in Northern Europe.

Lottie is a Champion and 3rd best seal tortie pt in the world.

  Sunny is a Supreme Grand Champion ( first in the UK), Best birman in Northern Europe, Best red birman in the world ( 4th Best birman in the world) and has the coveted regional winner title aswell!

Details of the shows which we attended this year which helped towards these titles are below.


CoonTICA Last show of the show 'year'

26th April 09. Esaya Purifik Purindoors. 6X best of colour. 2x 2nd best of breed 3X best of breed  1 final 9th best cat

25th April 09 Esaya Purfik Purindoors. 5 best of colour.1 X 3rd of breed 2 X 2nd of breed, 2 X best of breed, 1X final 9th best cat



12th April 09 Esaya Purfik Purindoors 6x best of colour 2 X 2nd best of breed, 4 X best of breed 3 finals 1 X 10th longhair,  1 3rd all breed 1 BEST CAT!!!

11th April 09 Esaya Purfik Purindoors 6 x best of colour, 2X 2nd best of breed 4 x best of breed 4 finals 1 x 7th longhair, 1 x 9th All breed, 1X 8th All breed, 1x 3rd all breed.

                    Puff of Purindoors 6 x best of colour 6X best of breed 6 finals all ist place!



22nd March 09 Purindoors Itcouldbeyou. 6 x best of colour  3 X 3rd best of breed, 2 X 2nd best of breed 1 best of division 1 final 6th best longhair

                       Puff of Purindoors 6 x best of colour 6X best of breed 6 finals all ist place!

21st march 09 Purindoors Itcouldbeyou. 6 X best of colour 1 X 2nd best of breed 1 x best of breed 1 final 8th best longhair.

                      Puff of Purindoors 6 x best of colour 6X best of breed 6 finals all ist place!



15th February 09 Purindoors Itcouldbeyou  6 X best of colour 2 X 3rd best of breed 2X best of division.

                           Puff of Purindoors 6 x best of colour 6X best of breed 6 finals all ist place!

14th February 09 Purindoors Itcouldbeyou  6X best of colour 2  3rd of division 1 X 2nd of division.

                           Puff of Purindoors 6 x best of colour 6X best of breed 6 finals all ist place!



18th January 09   Esaya Purfik Purindoors   1 X 2nd best of colour 5 X best of colour  1 X 2nd of breed 5 X best of breed  5 finals 3 x 10th, 1 X 6th 1x 2nd

                           Purindoors Itcouldbeyou 6 X best of colour. 2 X best of breed

                           Purindoors Timewilltell 6 X 2nd best of colour

                        Puff was also here, but I got so flustered by Sunny's results i forgot to mark  Puffs!

17th January 09 Esaya Purfik of Purindoors 6 X best of colour,2nd best of breed,  5 X best of breed 5 finals 2 x 9th, 1 x 8th, 1X 7th, 1 X 4th.

                         Purindoors Timewilltell 6 X best of colour, 1 X 3rd of breed

                        Puff was also here, did well but we forgot to write down her results with all the galloping about!

 We decided not to take this many cats again ( Purindoors tortinelli and Purindoors Watchthispace owned by Tracy Gentry also attended) it was rather frantic even with two of us ferrying cats about!