Pet Sitting and Quality Birman Cats


There are some cats we can never part with, here you will find the retirees, living a pamper life.

Purindoors SugarCrystal

This is our lilac girl (Sugar) who enjoys being used as a mop ( being slid round the kitchen floor)  and has been known to play the drums with 'help' from an enthusiastic boy. Sugar and Sunny are 'special friends' and spend much of their time together.  Sugar loved her babies, but didn't always appreciate the quaters I lovingly provide for them, she often decided that the middle of a childs bed, or in front of the TV was the place to put them. Unfortunately for her they were usually equally strong willed and as they got older we had a great deal of fun watching a very determined Sugar retrieving her adventuring offspring, only to find 2 others have gone 'walkabout' in the meantime. The picture of her as an adult was taken soon after her first litter left home 'peace at last!'

Sugar was spayed after her last litter to live here as a pampered pet, happily demonstrating to all visitors how soppy birmans can really be.  Her daughter Purindoors IcingSugar will be carrying on her legacy as a breeding queen.

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