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Our Ladies

The Purindoors ladies live indoors as members of our family. Some have particular cat friends and others are particularly loved by a specific member of the human family. I love them all but must admit to a particular soft spot for Sunny!


TICA Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion and GCCF Grand Champion Esaya Purfik of Purindoors

'Sunny' is our star, she was the first Supreme birman in the UK and is the only birman to have achieved this title while we were still part of the larger Northern Europe TICA region. Sunny is a very, very loving talkative girl and is usually too posh to drink out of a bowl like normal cats, rather she delicately dips her paw in and licks it, the cat equivalent of a 'pointed pinkie'. She is mum or grand mum to several of the other girls and always inspects visitors as she's convinced the've come to see her and not kittens or humans. 

Sunny is DNA tested blood group A carrying b. She does not carry dilute or chocolate.

CH Purindoors JuicyLucy

Juicy is our 2nd red pt girl, daughter to Sunny and Ch Munkchip Tobias. unlike her ladylike mum, Juicy is a bit of a hooligan, nibbling toes and conducting ram raids on left over food. its getting v.hard to tell the difference between mum and daughter, Sunny is on the left, juicy on the right. Juicy is a cheeky madam and will still try to feed off her mum when she has kittens, even though she now outweighs poor Sunny, who doesn't seem to mind having one very large baby alongside the little ones.

Juicy is blood type A

Alypurtona Wizadora

 Dora (Aylpurrtona Wizadora) is our delightful new chocolate pt girl (thanks Stella!). A little small, but perfectly formed, she has amazing eye colour.

Blood type TBC



 Purindoors Peek-a-Boo


Boo is a  blue tortie pt, first generation birman X persian, and is part of our ongoing outcross program.She's been shown twice with TICA as a kitten and won every ring, stealing the hearts of all the judges by pinching the wand toys and wandering off round the table. Her antics won her the title of Regional Winner Household Pet Kitten. She is remarkably un ladylike, often lying with her legs in the air, while the 'posh' birmans pose demurely. Unfortunately Boo has inherited a rather pathetic squeak of a miow from her mum, and sounds a little silly with her somewhat 'robust' frame.

Boo is DNA blood group tested A carrying b.


Purindoors Keepsake and Purindoors IcingSugar

Purindoors Keepsake is the last kitten from CH Purindoors Itcouldbeyou  (Lottie) before she was spayed and went to a lovely retirement home with her litter sister Purindoors Timewilltell. She is a very pretty lilac Tortie pt. Keeps has moved on ot live with my very good friend Emma O'brien at Stormborn birmans, although we hope to have our own little Keesake back here at Purindoors in the next year or so.

Purindoors IcingSugar, is the last kitten from Purindoors SugarCrystal  (see neuter page) she isn't show marked, but has good type and a wonderfully daft personality just like her mum, we couldn't resist keeping a 'sugar clone'.


This is Purindoors DizzyLizzy, litter sister to Purindoors DollyBird now living at Stormborn birmans. Wonderful eye colour and coat on the 6 month old baby from MusicMaker Adagio and Aylpurtona Wizadora. Seal carrying Chocolate.