Pet Sitting and Quality Birman Cats

Kitten contract


 All kittens are sold with a contract, please do not enquire about a kitten if you are not prepared to sign whichever version of the contract has been agreed e.g. pet, breeding/show potential. Unfortunately although we do vet prospective owners thoroughly occasionally problems do arise and the contract helps to resolve these problems as they spell out both our postion and that of a prosepctive owner.

 Homing kittens is the hardest part of breeding, all the time, effort and planning  (sometimes several years) the happiness and sometimes heartache culminate in sending that precious little bundle out the door. Trusting complete strangers is often difficult  (especially when trust has been misplaced before) so please understand the need for these contracts even if their only purpose is (for the vast majority of kittens) to reassure a concerned breeder that they have done everything possible to ensure a happy life for another bundle of fluff.

 Pet Kitten Contract

 The purchaser agrees to the following conditions:

This kitten is deemed to be of pet quality, i.e. a healthy individual that has one or more faults making him/her unsuitable for breeding and/or showing.

The purchaser agrees and understands the following terms are part of a formal legal agreement and that if these terms are broken the breeder reserves the right to repossess the above mentioned kitten with no finanicial ( or other ) restitution to the purchaser.

1. Under no circumstances will this kitten be sold, leased, given away, or to any pet shop, research facility or any similar establishment.

2. The kitten is being sold as a Pet only and therefore shall be registered with TICA and/or GCCF as a neuter/not for breeding. No Kittens can be registered from this cat.

3. No cash refunds are given ( see health guarantee).

4. It is strongly recommended that the Petplan insurance cover provided is extended or a suitable equivalent cover is taken out ASAP . The breeder will not be held responsible for any vets fees if you have not continued this insurance cover after the 4 week period provided.

5. In the event of the purchaser being unable to maintain the kitten the breeder shall be informed and be given the opportuntiy to help in rehoming the kitten. The purchaser shall forward the details of any new owner to the breeder.

 Health Guarantee

Our kittens come to you with up to date vaccinations, they have been wormed, and have been certifed as being of good health by a vet in good health at the time of last vaccination. The purchaser (s) agrees that they are happy with the health status of the cat/kitten when they pick up the kitten.

The health guarantee is valid for 72 hours after purchase providing that there has been no other contact with any other cats. The health guarantee is also reliant on the kitten being vet checked and the vet agreeing that the kitten is not in good health, if this occurs the purchaser will return the kitten to the breeder within 24hrs, and the breeder will provide a purchase price refund. However if the kitten/cat has had contact with other cats within the 72 hour time period this guarantee is void. If the kitten should die due to a congenital defect ( not disease or accident) within the first twelve months, it will be replaced with a kitten of comparable quality and value when available.

 Additional clauses for Breeding cats

Purindoors seldom sells cats on the active register, due to being let down by people in the past, however I may be willing to sell excellant examples of the breed to existing show/breed homes or to suitable novice enthusiasts if I deem it appropriate.

Cats are sold with breeding or show potential, success in either aspect cannot be guaranteed.

Cats will be sold with TICA registration and if required, GCCF registration.

 Active registered cats will not be allowed to roam freely under any circumstances, this will result in the cat being repossessed immediately. Breeding must be controlled by the breeder to ensure litters are suitably spaced for the welfare of the cat.

Active registered cats will be blood tested prior to their first breeding to reduce the possibility of deaths from blood type incompatibility.

Active cats will not under any circumstances be sold on entire, unless with written permission and agreement of the breeder.

Males must be at closed stud only.

Suitable separate secure accomodation must be available for any entire male.

 It is recommended that owners of females intending to take them out to stud make sure a prospective stud owner requires FIV/FeLv tests for all incoming queens on every occasion.

Active registered cats may only be bred to members of their own breed unless prior agreement has been obtained from the breeder for it to be invloved in an outcross program.

The purchaser agrees to vet prospective owners thoroughly in a similar way to the breeder to ensure the health and future welfare of any kitten produced from this cat.

The breeder reserves the right to impliment different terms on kittens sold for breeding according to the individual circumstances of the purchaser.

 Purchaser (s) ( of any cat/kitten) understand that if there is a failure to keep to any part of this contract, or if the cat/kitten is neglected, maltreated or fails to recieve adequate medical care the purchaser will surrender the said cat/kitten to the vendor unconditionally and without financial restitution or compensation.